Satisfy that wanderlust: How travel benefits mental health


In case you’re feeling stuck, burning out, or getting caught up in the stresses of daily life, there’s always travel as an option. It’s recommended to take a vacation and have a much needed change of scenery, but what does packing your bags and getting on the road actually do to your mental well-being? Here are some points to consider, according to Psych Central.


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It enhances creativity

Creativity has been linked to neuroplasticity, or how the brain is being wired, so it means your brain is influenced by experiences and environments you’re in. One way to boost your creative juices is to immerse yourself somewhere new, engage with the local culture, and embrace the varying ways to live.

It affects your personality

Since travel gets you out of your comfort zone, it entails adapting to the change, which then fortifies the “openness” of your personality. This makes you less emotionally reactive to changes that strike every day and enhances emotional stability. It doesn’t hurt that meeting new people can make you more agreeable!

It relieves stress

Travel is the great escape, providing the novelty and change you crave in the form of new sights, sounds, and sensibilities. Freed up from the usual commitments and relationships, you can reset your body and mind when you get away.

It boosts happiness – even before you go

It’s not only during and after a trip that travel makes you happy. In a study, the mere anticipation of going on a holiday can boost your mood.

It strengthens relationships

Traveling with your other half can improve your relationship, which in turn can affect your own mental wellness positively.


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