Some Interesting Matchups Between Todays Warriors and the Great 95-96 Bulls


The Dubs this season have been exemplary. They’ve only lost once in the last 30 games, and are now on the verge of history. Their current post-season record is 15-0. With a win in their next game, they get to sweep the Cavs, win their 2nd NBA title in 3 years, and do what no other team has done before – go perfect in the playoffs. They have been the most dominant team of this season, and perhaps the past two decades. To find anothe

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r team just as dynamic and capable of a blitzkrieg as the Warriors, you’d have to go all the way back to 1995 when a legendary team led by the greatest player in history beat any team at will.

So how do today’s Warriors match up against these 95-96 Bulls? Let’s take a look at some intriguing points.

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Who’ll guard Kevin Durant – Pippen or Rodman? How will the guard matchups turn out, with the Splash Brothers on one side, and Michael Jordan and Ron Harper on the other side? Which sixth man will have a greater impact on the game – Kukoc or Iggy? Which team’s bench is deeper?

Scott Jay Abraham loves sports, and loves to write about it. Learn more about him and his passion by checking out this LinkedIn account.

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