Interior Design Trends Of 2017


2017 will be a year filled with bright, cheery colors, happy motifs, and some. Here are the top interior design trends that will rule 2017.

Bright Green : Green is named the “2017 Pantone Color of the Year.” Thus, expect to see this color in home décor and fashion. Green represents refreshment and revitalization.


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Mixed Patterns : First seen at New York Fashion Week in fall 2016, this design will find its place in home décor this year. Mixed patterns resemble a complex mood. So if you like sophistication, go for this design.

Navy Blue : Accenting your room with this hue is the way to go. It will be the new black this 2017. Navy blue is easy to pair with any color scheme.


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DIY replaced by Artisan-made décor : For years, home designers have opted in DIY décors pulled from Pinterest and Instagram. But this year, we’ll see a return to artisanal décor. We’ll see materials made from glass, clay, porcelain and wood, things that require a high level of skill to accomplish.

Scott Jay Abraham here. I’m an industrial designer from San Francisco, California, who loves traveling. I also love walking my dog Shadow. Follow me on Twitter for more of my adventures.

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