Must Love Dogs: San Francisco Spots Ideal For Dog Walking


San Francisco is probably one of the best cities to walk dogs, and while that may seem biased coming from someone who lives there, the number of dog owners the city attracts supports that notion. And even if there are numerous places you could not call “dog-friendly,” here are some spots that your canine friend would love strolling in:

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Fort Funston
Regarded by many as the best dog park not just in San Francisco but in the entire world, there are various sceneries here that both you and your dog would enjoy – from the sand dunes and beach where pets can run around with each other to the miles of beautiful trails that overlook the bay.
Fort Funston was previously a harbor defense installation and is a protected area within the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Having a stroll there would not just be enjoyable, but is educational, too.

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Bernal Heights Park
One of the most well-regarded dog-friendly parks, this verdant hilltop located on the cliffs above Mission neighborhood is visited even by non-residents for its great trails and the chance to see a panoramic view of the city.

Corona Heights Park
The park itself is a large open hill, paved by dirt and rock and consisting of different trails where you can walk your dog. It is considered one of the most family-friendly dog-walking spots in the city because the Randall Museum, located on the south side, is a good place where the kids can enjoy for free.

Hi, Scott Jay Abraham here, a true blue San Franciscan working as an industrial interior designer. During my free time, I love to travel to strange but ruggedly handsome places with the company of Shadow, my Dachshund. For more articles about taking trips with your dogs, follow this social media page.

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