A Hot Dog: How To Take Care Of a Dachshund

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Taking care of dogs (or any pet for that matter) is a huge commitment. So for kids who want to adopt or buy a dog, you need to be ready for the responsibility it entails. Dachshunds, in particular, require slightly different caring from other dogs. Here’s a few tips on taking car of your pet:


Image source: ranker.com

Dog-proof your house

When you decide to get a dog, the first order of business is to adjust your home for the little bugger. Be sure wires are safely plugged or hidden and there aren’t any choking hazards left of the floor. It’s also important to get all your doggy essentials beforehand like food bowl, pet bed, and stock up on quality dog food.

Carry them up the stairs (when you can)

This is a breed specific requirement. Because of the Dachshunds’ body structure, they are prone to back injuries like disk problems. When you can, carry them up the stairs so they won’t have any back problems as they grow old.


Image source: awakenthefuture.com

Watch their weight

Despite how cute fat and fluffy dogs are, obese dogs aren’t exactly healthy and can cause many health risks. This is especially true for this particular breed. Becoming overweight can cause unwanted back issues so it’s good to watch their diet and also to walk and play with them often.

Hi, I’m Scott Jay Abraham and I have a dachshund named Shadow. For more care tips for dogs (and other pets), like this Facebook page.

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