Some Of The Most Interesting Roadside Attractions In California


All races of people have chosen to migrate to America, the land of opportunity, but somehow most of them have found their way to the proud state of California. With this, California is gifted with a diverse culture that can be appreciated from its variety of roadside attractions.

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In a small town in Cabazon, in California, there is a place which takes you far back in time to the Jurassic period. This roadside attraction is called Cabazon Dinosaurs. Off Interstate 10 in California, it’s hard not to notice Dinny the brontosaurus, which is actually a concrete building weighing 150 tons, along with another towering Tyrannosaurus Rex sculpture named Mr. Rex. Inside Dinny is a gift store and a museum.

In Mojave County, there is Elmer Long’s Bottle Tree Ranch. Elmer Long’s father passed away and left him with a whole collection of bottles. Not knowing what to do with them, Elmer decided to build his first bottle tree. It became such a big hit among travellers that today he now has 200 of them. It’s a choice stop for taking pictures with some of the most beautiful art installations in the state.

Many have also taken an interest in Bubblegum Alley located in San Luis Obispo. This is largely due to its extraordinary artistry which tourists themselves can contribute to. This place is a literal alley which is known for the used bits of bubble gum that are left on it by those who pass by, creating a colorful display that runs along a 21-meter stretch. Needless to say, there is a stall here that sells bubblegum which invites tourists to join in on the fun.

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Scott Jay Abraham is known to be a curious explorer of roadside attractions located all over the state of California. To know more about the other things he does, visit his “”>page.

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