Office Space Jam: Personalize Your Office Space


I have friends who are office dwellers—the types who camp out in the office with boxes of cereal and snacks while drafting a presentation the following day. These friends always complain about being stuck in a boring cubicle that reminds them how routine-dependent their jobs are. While I don’t believe that their jobs are entirely boring, I think that they can do some things that would make their workspaces livelier. Blame the interior designer in me but white walls and L-shaped desks are a blank canvas that I’d like to play with.

For those who would like a more vibrant office space, there are simple details they can add to make their spot stand out. Adding a photo board of the places you’d like to visit could be a good motivation or a calming sight during a stressful day. If you prefer posting motivational quotes, that’s also good as long as it’s tastefully placed. Or if you dabble in music or love movies, album or movie posters are a good touch.


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Decorating your table with accents that are in your favorite colors can give a laid-back feel while you’re working. If you’re into woodsy accents, choose penholders, coasters, mouse pads, and other accessories of a similar design. If you love geometric patterns, do the same with the organizers, covers, and other knickknacks in your desk. Even if it’s an office space at the corner of a room, put a little bit of your personality in it and own that territory.


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Scott Jay Abraham here, an industrial interior designer from San Francisco, California. I’m also an avid traveler, and I usually bring along with me my pet dog and usual companion, Shadow, in almost all of my getaways. Oh, and we’re both rooting for the Golden State Warriors. Subscribe to blog to know more about me.

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