Office Space Jam: Personalize Your Office Space


I have friends who are office dwellers—the types who camp out in the office with boxes of cereal and snacks while drafting a presentation the following day. These friends always complain about being stuck in a boring cubicle that reminds them how routine-dependent their jobs are. While I don’t believe that their jobs are entirely boring, I think that they can do some things that would make their workspaces livelier. Blame the interior designer in me but white walls and L-shaped desks are a blank canvas that I’d like to play with.

For those who would like a more vibrant office space, there are simple details they can add to make their spot stand out. Adding a photo board of the places you’d like to visit could be a good motivation or a calming sight during a stressful day. If you prefer posting motivational quotes, that’s also good as long as it’s tastefully placed. Or if you dabble in music or love movies, album or movie posters are a good touch.


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Decorating your table with accents that are in your favorite colors can give a laid-back feel while you’re working. If you’re into woodsy accents, choose penholders, coasters, mouse pads, and other accessories of a similar design. If you love geometric patterns, do the same with the organizers, covers, and other knickknacks in your desk. Even if it’s an office space at the corner of a room, put a little bit of your personality in it and own that territory.


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Diving in Bonaire: From Karpata to Hilma Hookers


With a warm, dry climate year-round and an effortless access to magnificent underwater gardens, Bonaire is easily one of the top diving destinations in the Caribbean. It caters to a number of avid snorkelers and divers who are keen on taking a closer glimpse of the island’s astonishing natural environment. Lucky me, I was able to explore four of its top diving sites last year:


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Alice in Wonderland.
This dive demands divers to take caution on their depth gauge while delving into the wonders of the double reef. The depth of this popular dive ranges from 30 to 100 feet.

Hilma Hooker.
Lying 60 to 100 feet below water surface, this site features a sunken cargo ship that has been covered with stunning orange coral across the decades. This wreck is home to a wide variety of marine species, including eels, barracudas, and tarpons.

Known for its dramatic underwater landscape, Karpata is a visual Mecca for photographers, both amateur and professional. This world-class dive offers enormous elkhorn coral formations, in addition to a remarkable marine wildlife. Moreover, Karpata caters to all levels of divers with its 18 to 100 feet depth.


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One Thousand Steps.
Although it takes more than just 1,000 steps from the beach shore to get to this popular site, One Thousand Steps is outright phenomenal. It possesses a high temple-like star coral formation where different reef creatures thrive. In its hollow cores, divers may keep an eye out on male sergeant majors guarding their eggs. In addition, this 20- to 100-feet dive offers an encounter with manta rays, whale sharks, and hawkbill turtles.

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