Back to Basics: The Key Elements of Interior Design


Interior design refers to how the elements of a room are chosen, arranged, and put together in a visually pleasing manner. Of course, there are professionals in this field to help you make decisions, but here are a few principles of interior design you could use for personal projects:

Scale and proportion

Scale denotes the size of the furniture or object in relation to the room. For example, a big couch should be placed in a spacious room rather than a small one to match its scale. Proportion on the other hand is the size of any element in relation to the other objects beside it.

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Image source:


When the visual weight of objects inside a room is evenly distributed, the room’s overall look is easier on the eyes. Balance is the result of this weight distribution and it has three types: symmetrical, asymmetrical, and radial.

Harmony and rhythm

Harmony in design means that all elements have something in common. An easy way to achieve harmony is by matching colors, patterns, or prints. Rhythm is all about creating visual patterns using movement and can also be achieved by repeating the same color or pattern in different parts of the room.

Negative space

Simplicity is beauty. You don’t have to fill every available space with an object or a piece of furniture. There is beauty in empty space that helps create a balanced and unified design.

Image source:

Image source:

Focal point

The focal point in a room is considered as its highlight; for example, a large television in the living room or an ornate chandelier in the dining room. This is usually the first thing a person notices when he enters a room so you have to make sure that the other elements compliment your focal point.

Hi, I’m Scott Jay Abraham, an interior designer specializing in home and office designs. Follow me on Facebook for more design tips and other related topics.

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