Maximizing Small Office Space


A great part of a person’s day is spent in the office. A lucky few have spaces that are massive – one that allows them to walk back and forth to eliminate the everyday stresses of the work. However, most of us are confined in a relatively small cubicle. This box is where we spend most of our time, so it is important that this space – despite its compactness – is efficient and able to make a person feel motivated and inspired to work. This is of particular importance as more companies expand and design sensibilities point to smaller spaces in general.

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The good news is that many interior designs take into account modern-day themes and have created a list of helpful suggestions on how to effectively maximize a small office space. The first, and most important, tip is that one should make use of common areas. Most employees crowd their space with too many items. Research has shown that a messy workplace diminishes creativity and productivity. Employees should shift their attention from noticing the limitations of their office space to a philosophy that the office is the entire facility. Food and other paper materials are normally kept in a public area. This dramatically frees up space in a person’s personal cubicle, where intimate items may be kept for inspiration.

Secondly, employees should begin to think vertically. What the office space lacks in width can be compensated with shelves that can be attached to their walls. It must be noted that employees should discuss any design changes with their managers, but typically management would’ve already considered this before allowing a person to use that specific space. Nevertheless, it is always good to keep an open discourse among workmates as to how to better improve the office environment.

Hi! My name is Scott Jay Abraham, and I am an interior designer based in San Francisco, California. I have worked in both the home and office setting and understand the need for designs that speak of efficiency while maintaining style and comfort. Learn more about my work me on here.

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