The Unfinished Home: How To Nail That Awesome “Warehouse Look”


Industrial interior design is unique from other forms of home design management in that it allows property owners (or tenants) to proudly display the building materials that many try to conceal. Its charm lies in its raw, organic, and unfinished look but is not shambolic as to cause aesthetic chaos in a certain space. This modern approach to interior design has rapidly gained the admiration of many home and business owners for its artistic qualities and cost effectiveness. Industrial design showcases neutral tones, utilitarian objects, and wood and metal surfaces.

Metal-staircase-in-an-industrial-homeImage source:

Nailing the “warehouse look” is surprisingly not an easy thing to do. It requires a harmonious combination of industrial feel with a range of other styles, from the practical to the polished. Many design enthusiasts, myself included, celebrate upscale interiors by incorporating elements such as stainless steel surfaces, metal light fixtures, vintage furniture, and exposed pipes.

Wooden and metallic objects are the distinctive physical identities of most industrial-style interiors. Naturally, they always go with earth tones and neutral colors. Pendant lights, vintage Toledo stools, open shelving, and stainless-steel cabinets topped with chunky wood workbenches are a perfect match against the exposed brick wall and water pipes.

industrial-bedrooms-interior-design-with-white-and-grey-color-also-brown-fur-rug-industrial-bedroom-interior-designImage source:

My name is Scott Jay Abraham, and I’m an industrial interior designer specializing in home and office design. See you on Twitter!

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