Lofty ambitions: Forging living spaces with the elements of industrial style


When you’re looking for a cool new place that screams both style and spaciousness, look no further than the loft apartment. These apartments, won from unwanted industrial spaces, are roomier than most urban abodes and can accommodate an undeniably modern atmosphere while retaining their old charm. Consequently, they are popular choices for young professionals with bohemian tastes.

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Practically given a new lease in life, the repurposed old building is the perfect canvas for the fusion of form and function seen of the industrial design aesthetic. An old factory or warehouse provides a well-worn backdrop that simply cannot be replicated. Frequently, designing the aesthetics of the loft living space will incorporate elements of the building’s old architecture, such as the exposed brick, concrete floors, and old HVAC systems, into its design. Visually appealing metal structures, whether pre-existing or salvaged from elsewhere, are a popular option.

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Recycling and up-cycling are a big part of converting industrial spaces into loft apartments. Weathered wood is a popular choice that combines old charm with relative inexpensiveness, and can be converted into a variety of purposes from wall veneer to furniture such as headboards. Furniture choices can follow the same principle; functional yet visually unique tables, work surfaces, and chairs. Pendant fixtures are a good choice for lighting.

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The ideal aesthetic of industrial design is sleek yet very utilitarian, but it also shouldn’t be uniform unless that is the desired look. Breaking up the monotony includes mixing and matching materials in a space and providing occasional stand-out accents. Moreover, this interior style invites an assortment of modern and postmodern accent pieces without being pretentious.

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